Barber Wilsons Brass Taps and Showers

A brass finish brings unique warmth and contrast to bathroom and kitchen designs. Barber Wilsons taps and showers are available in two brass finishes, each with their own characteristics and properties. It's important to choose the right one for your needs and design theme.

Barber Wilsons Polished Brass Finish

The polished brass finish from Barber Wilsons is an un-lacquered “living brass finish” that is initially highly polished. If left unpolished, it will age with time, creating an authentic patinated antique brass appearance. This effect is often referred to as patination, a thin layer that forms on the surface of the brass and is produced by the copper element within the brass oxidising over time through exposure to the air. This is very similar to how copper pipes, if left unpolished, create their own patina, often with aspects of the colour green.

As the products in this finish are un-lacquered, you have a choice of how to manage the brass finish - you can polish the tap following the manufacturer guidelines to maintain the original polished finish, or let the product age with time, creating its own individual patina.

Barber Wilson Polished Brass Taps

Barber Wilsons Inca Brass Finish

The Barber Wilson Inca Brass finish is different to the Polished Brass finish in that it is a lacquered finish. Lacquering protects the product from oxidation, meaning that as long as the product is cleaned carefully, it will maintain the same look and finish over time.

The finish must must not be polished, as this could remove the lacquer coating and would be contrary to Barber Wilsons clearing recommendations. If appropriate gentle cleaning is performed, the Inca Brass finish will remain the same as when the product was first installed and shouldn’t develop signs of patination.

Barber Wilsons Inca Brass


If you are looking for a long term shiny brass finish with the least effort, the Barber Wilsons Inca Brass finish may be the appropriate option. However, if you are looking for a brass finish that will create an authentic antique patination over time, choose the Polished Brass finish.

Once you have chosen the brass finish required, make sure to choose the same specification of finish for any Sterlingham accessories (such heated towel rails and bathroom accessories) to complement the Barber Wilson products. If you need assistance we will be pleased to help.

We have the full Barber Wilsons and Sterlingham ranges for you to view and purchase online at very competitive prices. We are equally pleased to provide quotations and advice and guidance on product selection and finishes. Our experienced team can be contacted Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 6.00pm on 01603 558271 or anytime via email at